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IdealWall – Slatwall Panel System

Organization Made Easy

IdealWall is the perfect compliment to the Bench Solution folding workbench, offering a convenient way to free up space by keeping your garage and workspace organized and clutter-free with our slatwall panel system. When you purchase the Bench Solution kit, it includes an IdealWall organizational slatwall panel (60”W x 36”H).

IdealWall is durable, cleans easily and can be used in more applications than any other organizational wall panel system currently on the market, and is great solution for organizing nearly any room in your home. It is also an ideal display wall solution for retail stores. IdealWall comes in boxes of three panels, with each panel measuring 96″ wide x 12″ high. We offer a complete line of slatwall accessories for use with your IdealWall such as: baskets, hooks, racks, shelves and much more.

Slatwall Features:

  • Unique Design — Its unique design allows most brackets to lock securely into place preventing hooks, baskets and shelving from unintentionally falling off the wall. Items can be hung in a closer proximity to each other than on most other slatwall panel systems, providing for a more efficient use of space.
  • Slatwall Accessories — Offering a wide selection and sizes of accessories to accomodate with your IdealWall.
  • Attractive — Fresh, new design that is an attractive solution for your organizational needs. The panel is available in either white or cool gray.
  • Durable — This vinyl polymer panel system stays attractive through many years of use.
  • Easy to Use — Designed for ease of handling and installation.
  • Mold & Waterproof — Exclusively formulated vinyl polymer product that is easy to keep clean.
  • Versatile & Compatible — Allows all non-proprietary hooks, baskets and shelves to work on it, even pegboard hooks. It’s a perfect solution for both residential and retail use.